TEDxBrussels Pré-Meetup

If you are attending the TEDxBrussels conference on monday 23rd of november you probably are as excited as I am. I’ve heard of several Pré-meetup ideas but nothing concrete yet.  Let’s join our excitements together and enjoy a pleasant evening with chats and drinks. Here’s the plan:

TEDxBrussels Pré-Meetup

Sunday 22 november from 21.00 h. (Don’t forget you have to get up early on monday)

at Mappa Mundo

Mappa Mundo

In the trendy Halles St.Géry area the Mappa Mundo café is a popular hang with a cosmopolitan crowd set inside a cozy and warm extravagant decor. The terrace is always packed with people in the summertime. Though it features a good selection of beers the Cocktails menu is quite limited but the excellent Caipirinhas, Strawberry Margaritas and Mojitos which are sold by the glass or liter make up for it.

@Daylah and I will be there, come join us for some interesting chats and a drink. Reply here if you plan on coming, or tweet me, or call me, or text me at (+32)474 90 74 89.

Oh yes, and spread the word. Everybody’s welcome! Even the suckers who can’t make it to TEDxBrussels :).

Here’s once more the TEDxBrussels teaser:


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